Queer and Trans Mathematicians 2023

Kris Shaw (they/them)

I work on interactions between algebraic geometry and discrete math which arising from the bridging field of tropical geometry (my arxiv papers are listed as both Kris and Kristin Shaw and I am happy to talk about why). I defended my PhD in 2011 and then went on to various postdocs in Toronto (UofT, Fields) and Germany (TU Berlin, MPI Leipzig). Since 2018 I have been at the University of Oslo, where I am currently an associate professor. With Juliette Bruce, Pamela Harris, Isabelle Shankar, and Mariel Supina, we are strategising.

Non-math - - I grew up just outside of Toronto (in Brampton) and really appreciate all of the people and places that being a mathematician has brought me to encounter. Though during the pandemic I have been missing my chosen family that is scattered around the world. In Oslo, I enjoy swimming in the lakes and fjord year around and in the non-winter months I still try to skateboard every (non-rainy) day.